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.After-sales service to customers has reached its highest level in the last 6 months

Customer Satisfaction

By working around the clock for your dear consumer, we have been able to increase the level of satisfaction with Kähler Home Appliances to 96%

Products Quality

.We do a lots of test from our products, and with great care of products quality in Kähler products and we have been go to high level in IRAN market

Peace of Mind with Kähler Products

After Sales Service

Continuity customer satisfaction

The production and distribution cycle will never be successful without a strong after-sales service. We believe that while accuracy in production and quality can lead to customer satisfaction, the continuation of this satisfaction will be achieved when consumers have a heartfelt confidence in our after-sales service. Therefore, Kähler Company is proud to have been able to provide one of the strongest after-sales service networks in the country.

High Quality

Secret of Permanence Kähler

The quality of Kähler products has been the secret of Kähler brand’s durability in the Iranian market. All Kähler factories around the world have well-equipped laboratories that continuously monitor and test products in three stages: pre-production, in-production, and post-production. Kähler management has always believed that the best advertisement for our products can be customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction can only be achieved if we provide appropriate and quality products to our valued consumers.

Knowledge based design

Made for you

The main goal in the Kähler complex is production based on the latest technologies and scientific research, which in the knowledge-based complexes are parties to the contract with Kähler in science and technology parks in Germany and Iran. Many of our products are designed and tested in a precise process, and after undergoing various tests, provided that they have the appropriate quality in line with the expectations of the target market.

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